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You could offer the best services or the most high-quality products in the Greater Toronto Area and still find yourself scraping for change at the end of the month. This simply means you need to expand your online presence. The website design experts at Leaf Com can showcase your product(s) or service(s) allowing you to count more paper bills, and drop more coins. There are many effective techniques that can grant you with a high marketing return on investment. In the website design industry, 70% of SEO members in the Toronto area fail to increase their client’s sales through websites. Too many of them focus on “cool” features that look appealing to the human eye and confusing to Google. A professional website design artist knows how to please both Google, and your potential customers. It is imperative to create a URL that is relevant, and accurate. A URL is a text that is designed to replace the IP addresses computers use in order to communicate with servers so that humans can read and understand it. Website design professionals use hyphens to separate the words in the URL to make it easy for humans to read. Google will not accept a URL longer than 2,048 words and the top website design professionals avoid using parameters. These techniques are the first steps in creating a website that is search engine friendly, Google friendly and attractive to the crowd.The website design crew only designs URLs that are semantically clear. This practice creates search engine referred traffic and increases your ranking with Google. It also important to include relevant keywords in your URL as this also increases your ranking and gives your audience a better understanding of what you offer. Top website design members increase their external backlinks count by creating one URL for both your main site and your mobile site.Having a website design that has been optimized for mobile devices and computers are also very convenient for your customers.

Over 50% of people in the Toronto district prefer to browse a website with their mobile devices as opposed to anything else. This is a statistic well known to the website design professionals of today. Every month, business owners with websites that are only computer friendly, see a 10% decrease in sales. At Leaf Com, the website design team will create an SEO friendly website that is easily navigable on both mobile devices, and computers. Designing a website that is difficult to navigate through is a common mistake made by website design members. If a customer cannot locate your navigation bar within 2 seconds, they are going to hit the back button and visit your competitor’s websites instead. A great website design artist will place your navigation bar on the left margin, or on the top of the page. It is not always good to be different when people have become accustomed to the same thing for so long. If you are trying to build the perfect navigation bar, website design experts recommend creating a bar that is easy for both search engines and people to see. Refrain from listing too many links. This is a common mistake many website design artists make in hopes to create a “fancy” website. It is imperative to limit your site to 100 links per page max. This is a recommendation made by many website design specialists. Your drop down menu should not always be visible on your site. For example, when your visitors are browsing your site on a tablet, the main website design experts are aware that they will have a hard time keeping your drop down menu activated as they navigate around your site.The website design professionals aim to provide your visitors with the best browsing experience. Investing in your website will increase your sales drastically. A drop down menu that is appealing to the human eye is great, but, the top website design members must also create a drop down menu that is in Hypertext Markup Language. Failing to do this will cause Google to provide your website with a low rank because it is unable to read your menu.

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According to many, SEO experts, the most popular website design artists use JavaScript or CSS to hide the drop downs once the page is fully loaded. When a web browser is looking for a service or product, they do not have much patience. In 2015, many website design experts understand most people expect high speeds. Over 85% of the residents in the GTA have high-speed internet. If your website design team does not create a website for you that is up to par with high-speed internet, you can guarantee 0 sales each month. People generally wait 3-5 seconds for web pages to load. The top website design experts use browser caching, small high-quality images and minimize JavaScript in order avoid long page loading times. Browser caching helps to improve the speed of your website by files/resources cached in your browser. Website design experts leverage browser caching by instructing browsers about how their resources/files should be dealt with. This technique has to be used in order to keep visitors on your page, as it improves the overall speed of your website. When a website design specialist leverage browser caching, your files get stored in the browser’s cache and your pages will load a lot faster for your repeat visitors as their computer remembers what images and CSS files were previously loaded. A website design expert adds a code called .htaccess on your web server/host in order to enable caching. On top of your .htacess file, will be another code that tells the browser what to cache and how long to remember it. The number one mistake UN trained website design do is set their images and HTML to be cached for one year. In doing this, your users will never see the updates they make on your website. When the website design team has a file they update on occasion, they can solve the cache issue by using URL fingerprinting. Google recommends all website design use fingerprinting as it will dynamically enable caching. The extensive use of a JavaScripts is one of the main causes for website failure. The Googlebot will have a hard time crawling through and indexing your website if many Javascripts are present. The website design specialists define a Javascript as an object-orientated computer program that is commonly used in order to create many interactive effects within web browsers. The best website design experts also refrain from using an extensive amount of Javascript on websites as they do not work efficiently on mobile devices.

The key to a successful business is a high quality, high performing website that is easy navigable for both browsers, and search engines. You need a good content marketing strategy in order to excel in the SEO field.

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