SEO Calgary

From coast to coast, new immigrants are coming to Canada to start new life. If you are new in Canada  and need to fix a kitchen sink, most likely you will search a handyman service on your mobile and call a few companies listed on the 1st page to decide the company to come fixing your kitchen sink.

This example provides important information for your business:

  1. Search on Internet has become the main approach for people to find the products or services for residential or commercial needs.
  2. Your website needs to show on the 1st page in Google search in order to be seen by the potential customers.

More and more companies have realized the importance to put their website on top page of the Internet Search to reach more potential customers. And the 1st page in Google search can only hold less than 20 websites, which means the competition will be high to keep a spot on the 1st page for your company.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short form, is a technique to push your website to the 1st page in Google search. Leafcom specialize in SEO and will help to improve your online presence and reach more potential customers over the Internet. You are part of the main economic engine of Canada. Investing in SEO in your city or town, whether large or small will add huge value to your business.