bigstockphoto_Business_Mind_1643760Quality is our top priority. Leafcom IT services provide the following features:

  • Quality: Your website will be designed with top quality, which will greatly enhance your company image.
  • Speed: Your service request will be responded within 24 hours, standard website created in 2 weeks.
  • Full Service: With our worry-free services, your website will always be up-and-running with domain renewal, content, hosting and email well maintained so you can focus on your core business.
  • Low Flat Fee: Leafcom offer a low flat monthly service fee to cover all basic website needs for our customers, which works very well for the small businesses.
  • Mobile Friendly: Many websites cannot be displayed properly on the mobiles. Our website will fit both browsers on your laptop and on your mobile.
  • Search Capability: You may search any key word on any page by using the Search box, which is important for a website with many pages.
  • Email Configuration: We will help you to configure your email addresses with Outlook, Windows Mail or Mobiles.
  • Depth: With over 20 years experience in IT industry, we will meet your in-depth need for IT services.