• Window for Your Business – A potential customer, especially a remote customer, will most likely browse your website before purchasing your products or services. So your website is probably the most important window for a potential customer to know your services or products.
  • Save Your Valuable Time – Instead of providing all the details for your products or services over the phone repeatedly for each new customer, you may let your customers browsing your website which contains all the details.
  • Mobile Becomes Main Tool for Website Browsing – Based on the statistics, more people now use mobile to browse websites instead of using laptops. And people will just to the next website quickly if the website shown on the mobile is difficult to navigate.
  • Increase Google Visibility – In 2016, Google made important changes to the search algorithm. Hereby mobile-optimized websites will be given preference in the search results. Non-mobile-friendly websites will be ranked lower in the search results on smartphones, so that they will be less visible.

The answer is Yes. When people searches a keyword on Google, 10 – 15 results will be listed on the 1st page. Most people will check a few companies on the 1st page only before making the decision for a product or service. So your company may miss many potential customers if you are not on the 1st page of Google search.

When people need a service or product, he or she may check Yellow Pages, ask a friend or colleague. But most likely your potential customer will search on a mobile and call a company shown on the 1st page of the list. So the following items are critical to reach the potential customers for your business:

  1. Design a quality and mobile friendly website
  2. Show your website on the 1st page of Google search

Our daily life is filled with information from all directions, Internet, TV, radio. Most people live a busy life. If your website cannot attract a visitor’s attention in 10 seconds, this visitor may switch to the next website in the list. So it is critical to design an attractive and easy to navigate website.