Ecommerce Toronto

E-commerceEcommerce has become a major revenue source for more and more companies. The younger generation is linked to the internet on the daily basis. Online purchase is convenient and efficient. More and more people are accepting this new trend.

Ecommerce Website Design Toronto

Toronto is the home for many small businesses. With the increasing sales in E-commerce, Leafcom will help your business to expand to the cyber space.

To create your online store, please contact us. Your online store will be up-and-running within 2 weeks. And we will provide all the technical support to ensure your online store running smoothly.

For more information, please visit the Ecommerce Site created by Leafcom.

The accuracy of the data is critical the success of your online store. You may also have many products with the different variance for each product, for example, color or size. Furthermore, the price or image may be different for each color and size combination. With hundreds or thousands of products, the data entry job will be tedious. With 20 years supporting major corporations including Banks, Insurances, Manufacturer, Leafcom is capable processing millions of records efficiently and can help you reduce the data entry and maintenance dramatically to save your valuable resource.

When a purchase order contains multiple items with different sizes, these items may need to be packed in a bigger box to reduce the shipping cost. Selecting the proper packing boxes fitting the items ordered can further reduce the shipping cost. Our developers will help you to setup the mechanism which can automatically calculate and select the proper packing boxes and lower you shipping cost to the minimum.